The GMA Executive Council is a membership level open to all companies that are suppliers of geosynthetic materials. Executive Council members provide the main source of funding, serve on the GMA Board of Directors and direct all activities of the association.

GMA Executive Council Member Company/Representatives

Tensar – Bryan Gee
Vice Chairman
Owens Corning – Steve Thaxton
2nd Vice Chair

Council members
Berry Global Inc. – Keith Misukanis
SOLMAX – Andreea Sasu
Hanes Geo Components – Keith Harris
HUESKER – Flavio Montez
Strata – Mike Bernardi
Owens Corning  – Carl Baca
Tensar – Wendy McBay
TenCate – John Henderson
Propex GeoSolutions – Noah Nichols
SKAPS Industries – Anurag Shah
Thrace Linq – Brian Sparks
TRI Environmental – Joel Sprague
Willacoochee – Daniel Selander
Immediate Past Chair
Fred Chuck

GMA Geotextile Focus Group

Daniel Selander, Willacoochee

Vice Chair
Jennifer McKay, TenCate

GMA Geogrid Focus Group

Mike Clements, Huesker

Vice Chair
Jim Sanneman, Tensar

GMA Erosion Control Focus Group

Keith Harris, Hanes Geo Components

Vice Chair
Drew Loizeaux, Propex

GMA Environmental Focus Group

Carl Baca, Owens Corning

Vice Chair
Anurag Shah, SKAPS Industries

GMA Distributor Focus Group

David Andrews, Propex GeoSolutions

Vice Chair
Keith Harris, Hanes Geo Components

GMA Geomembrane Focus Group -remove

Carl Baca, Owens Corning